Big Changes

As you may have heard there are big changes at Thornley Hayne. Last year Bruce came to me and asked my opinion on his running for council. Of course I said yes.Actually I said something like… “Of Course Bruce, I mean after all it can’t be any more work than when you were president of the chamber.” ( SBoT ) So we agreed with the caveat that we’d try it for a year and see what happens.

Unfortunately we soon realized it was a lot more work than expected.The time demands on Bruce are extraordinary,the work life balance has become more of a challenge then ever before. To this end we actually met with our lawyer back in June to discuss our future and on the anniversary date of that first year decided to dissolve our partnership.Officially that was Nov.1st .The key words are dissolve our partnership not our friendship.

I have often said when it came to getting a business partner I hit the jackpot with Bruce. ( I’m sure some of you have actually heard me say this!) Bruce and I first met when he was charged by the Chamber with finding a creative team to freshen up the Surrey Chamber of Commerce brand. Even though he had his own firm, he chose to recuse himself from this process. Well as luck would have it our firm was successful in obtaining this work. Well one thing lead to another…it turned out we had a lot in common not only did we share a passion for the work we do ,we both shared the same sense of values and commitment to the community. ( We were also both musicians…and have sometimes said if the advertising business doesn’t work out we could go on the road as a duo act…it’s still an option BTW ).

After a relatively short time we decided to join forces,that was about eleven years ago .( I heard a report that Bruce had been with me 20 years …i’m thinking it might be like the justice system that they give you double for time served.)

It has been an awesome eleven years…one of the great things that one can have as a independent business owner is you can run the firm with your own ethics and values. As a team Bruce and I have done some pretty cool things ,we have contributed to this city and community in ways that cannot be measured.This last year of transition has also allowed some personal growth for myself and our team. I can only say nice things about our team. Each and everyone of them has stepped up in every area. Client management,emerging technologies creative expression ,innovative thinking…..I LOVE working here and I’m fiercely proud of our organization and the people in it.

I can only say nice things about my very dear friend Bruce Hayne……

As Always:

Chris Thornley