Project Spotlight: Abbotsford to Anywhere

The campaign for the Airport was built upon the concept of “Abbotsford to Anywhere.” Not only did we like the alliteration, but more importantly, we loved the open-ended possibility it provided. The new slogan presented a world of possibilities, was memorable, and fun. The campaign for the Airport included transit ads (bus & skytrain platform posters). Two concepts/campaigns were originally presented to our team at the Abbotsford Airport; both were well received with the second concept expected to be developed in the fall.

We built our creative work around the ability to choose the location for our ad placement. In each case, we selected a city and tied it with a location. For example, Surrey to St. John’s or Abbotsford to Amsterdam with each of those specific ads appearing in the mentioned city.  Beautiful and dynamic photos of destinations, combined with the message of “Abbotsford to Anywhere” works to instill a sense of wanderlust and a connect to anywhere in the world.

The campaign has been running for awhile now. We see the buses everywhere. Our client is thrilled with the feed back they’ve been receiving and so are we. YXX is not only the Fraser Valley’s airport, but it is Surrey’s airport too. We are very proud to be part of this community.

The Mission:
Together with the team at the Abbotsford Airport, we wanted to create an ad campaign to communicate that the Airport is a competitive gateway  to pretty much anywhere in the world and that people of the Fraser Valley don’t need to drive to Vancouver in order to make their connection.

About the Client:
Abbotsford Airport is an award winning facility with a history that goes back to 1942. With a growing number of passengers, including more than 475,000 last year, the Abbotsford Airport is the airport for the Fraser Valley. Host to a variety of carriers, including WestJet, Orca Airways and Northwestern Air, the airport is a hub of transportation activity. Additionally, the airport is home to a number of organizations such as the Conair Group, Chinook Helicopters, Selair Flight Training Centre, Nav Canada and of course,  the world famous Abbotsford Airshow.

In 2011, the Abbotsford Airport announced the completion of upgrades valued at $30 million.