Blues for the Bank — A Huge Thank You!

This past weekend was our annual “Blues for the Bank” and it was absolutely a roaring success! I would like to humbly thank each and everyone of you for your support. Together we raised more than $4,500 for the Surrey Food Bank’s Tiny Bundles program! This exceeds last years total by $1,000! As a community, it was wonderful to see everyone pulling together, having a great time and supporting such an important cause.

We had a great deal of fun this year. With the concert falling on Robbie Burns Day, Marilyn Herrman had a piper play the band into the concert space! The piper, Tim Baillie member of the Surrey Food Bank board of directors, appeared in full dress and later joined the rest of the audience on the dance floor! We played three sets throughout the evening with friends joining us throughout. A wonderful solo by my friend Bruce Hayne helped round out the second set while we added two trumpet players and a trombone player to our third set. I was also very pleased to introduce our newest band member, Angela Clarke, who got the crowd dancing to Route 66. Part way through the evening Santa (Keith Alton) presented the Food Bank with money he’s been raising throughout the year!

As the music has now settled, the tables have been cleared, and our donations have now  been given to the Food Bank, I look back on this tradition with great pride. What began in 2006 as a small idea — “Hey, I wonder if we can raise some money for the Food Bank?” has evolved into a tradition that has grown beyond what we had imagined. This is something that couldn’t have happened without the support of so many people like you. I would like to thank:

  • Agent C and Top Secret (Dave Gilbert, Kenn Moyer, Brian Linnett, Bill Kudenchuk, Jim DeKleer, Brent Scofield & Angela Clarke)
  • Envision Financial for sponsoring the sound equipment
  • Surrey Board of Trade
  • The Surrey Food Bank
  • The Surrey Leader
  • Tom Lee Music
  • Downtown Surrey Business Improvement Association
  • Thornley Creative Communications
  • Our musical guests:
    • Joanne Maryt, Monica Moore, Mike Lord, Patrick Thornley & Bruce Hayne
  • Tim Baillie
  • John Kerns and the Sheraton Guildford for hosting and for offering to host next year already!
  • Each one of our audience members