Re-imagining Surrey Board of Trade

We’re happy to announce the new “Surrey Board of Trade” brand,  a new look reflecting the growth and progress of the organization.

New Surrey Board of Trade Logo with a tagline, inclusive, innovative, independent.

On April 7th, Surrey Board of Trade revealed its new logo during an event held at Surrey Arts Centre. Thornley Creative has been working in partnership with the organization to showcase the unique and exciting opportunities afforded by membership and inclusion to the Surrey Board of Trade for local businesses.

Surrey Board of Trade is a not-for-profit organization that has been serving the community of Surrey since 1918. Joining forces with the City of Surrey, they continue to build industry and jobs, and support the people.

“The logo’s different colours represent the Surrey Board of Trade’s and Surrey’s diversity. The globe represents the fact the we live in a global economic environment.”

Design management and all production, coding and technical aspects were handled by the our firm. We redesigned the titles for hallmark events and business newspapers, completely refreshing the brand image from top to bottom. Full scope of our involvement can be seen from the company’s portfolio.

The center piece of their new look is the new Surrey Board of Trade website, an excellent example of combining form and functionality that will serve the Surrey Board of Trade for years to come.

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