Supporting a vision for learning

Surrey School District’s shared vision of preparing the learners to think creatively and critically, communicate skillfully, and demonstrate care for self and others.

 It is a philosophy for innovative learning, Surrey School District’s commitment: to empower teachers to design student-centered learning conditions, to enable students to access learning tailored to their curiosities and needs, and to encourage innovation in learning spaces for teachers, staffs and students to work together.

In the past, Thornley Creative had been chosen to lead the brand renewal process for Surrey School District in order to reflect their growth and diversity over the years, and now we are, once again, put in a leadership role to help shaping the district’s vision for education.

Surrey School Learning by Design Wordmark Image: Learning, Structures, and Tools

“Learning by Design” incorporates three key elements: Learning, Structures, and Tools. New Wordmark has been developed to express the District’s vision to support innovation in schools.

It has been our privilege supporting the School District’s vision and the future of our students. The rest of our work for the district can be view from our company’s portfolio.

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