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Surrey Board of Trade Logo Acronym Featured Image

Thornley Creative worked in partnership with Surrey Board of Trade in a leadership role. Design management and all production, coding and technical aspects were handled by the firm. The SBOT brand has been developed to showcase the unique and exciting opportunities afforded by membership and inclusion to the Surrey Board of Trade for local businesses.

The new site enables the client to manage site features such as a fully-functional  calendar, board member access points, and space for sponsors and advertisers. Its spectacular eye pleasing look, superior navigation and current on trend visual design that will serve the Surrey Board of Trade for years to come.

The Arts & Heritage brand has been developed to showcase the unique and exciting venues, services, programs and events offered throughout our City of Surrey.
The new logo is designed to have a solid presence with two large dominate letters, representing the value the City places on Arts & Heritage as part of a successful and prosperous community. Using bold colours and playful usage, the brand is intended to showcase the fun, excitement, passion and curiosity found throughout the Arts & Heritage community.

Surrey School district (#36) has 124 schools offering a wide range of education and support programs to students of all ages.
The logo represents several critical aspects to Surrey’s education institutions. The multitude of colours represents the uniquely diverse population of the district. The individual graphic elements represent unique pathways to learning while at the same time, create a linear pathway to the future and to success.
Fresh bright colours not only represent the youthfulness of students and their opportunity for a bright future, but the colours also complement progressive design elements. The name in the logo has been shortened to “Surrey Schools” to emphasize a friendlier and less bureaucratic identity.

The District of Houston recognized the need to develop a brand that illustrates and reinforces the District’s commitment to being a healthy, sustainable community where people want to live, work and visit. The retention and attraction of business and skilled workers was also intended. Eco-tourism plays a large role in the communities economy and it is the “Steelhead Capital” and home of the world’s largest fly fishing rod.
With the surrounding natural beauty and welcoming reputation, this strong brand will build community pride and act as a strong first impression to potential tourist visitors.

The SAIL brand has been developed to showcase the unique and exciting opportunities afforded by blended learning academies and contemporary learning spaces. It was developed in recognition of the changing definition of education. Bold colours and playful logo usage highlights the innovative spirit while keeping ties to the Surrey School District brands.