Project Categories Marketing Campaigns

The District of Houston recognized the need to develop a brand that illustrates and reinforces the District’s commitment to being a healthy, sustainable community where people want to live, work and visit. The retention and attraction of business and skilled workers was also intended. Eco-tourism plays a large role in the communities economy and it is the “Steelhead Capital” and home of the world’s largest fly fishing rod.
With the surrounding natural beauty and welcoming reputation, this strong brand will build community pride and act as a strong first impression to potential tourist visitors.

The SAIL brand has been developed to showcase the unique and exciting opportunities afforded by blended learning academies and contemporary learning spaces. It was developed in recognition of the changing definition of education. Bold colours and playful logo usage highlights the innovative spirit while keeping ties to the Surrey School District brands.

With this project our recommendation was to use the legacy of the Sources brand in developing the naming strategy for the Foundation, defining the areas that the Foundation supports as part of the graphic standards. The distinction between the two entities warranted  a strong marketing strategy. The Foundation should have its own website with a strong fundraising focus and information important to potential donors. Success stories or sponsored projects should be highlighted as well to show the power of the donations already in action and to inspire further donations. This site highlights to potential donors that all funds are for the use of Sources projects and what the criteria of those projects will be.

Hawkair wished to elevate their brand to a level that equaled the high standards and services they deliver.
We continue to collaborate and design in-flight menus, magazines, advertising campaigns – from print to web.

We work with Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows PLS on their seasonal leisure guides. Working as part of their team, we’ve set them up with a template, and design specific features in the guide, while their team takes care of the scheduling and class information. This collaborative effort allows each team to contribute fully while being budget conscious.

When Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows PLS wanted a refresh to the look of the lobby at the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre, they approached us about the possibility of creating a desk wrap. Working with the newly created “look” that had recently been developed for them, we put together a colourful and appealing design. We played with one of the slogans used on a lot of their material “Everyone Welcome” and flipped the words to greet visitors to the centre.