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Surrey Schools Learning By Design

Learning by Design is a district-wide shared vision for learning in which they prepare learners to think creatively and critically, communicate skillfully, and demonstrate care for self and others.

Newly developed Wordmark expresses the district’s vision of Learning by Design incorporating three key elements: Learning, Structure, and Tools.

The SAIL brand has been developed to showcase the unique and exciting opportunities afforded by blended learning academies and contemporary learning spaces. It was developed in recognition of the changing definition of education. Bold colours and playful logo usage highlights the innovative spirit while keeping ties to the Surrey School District brands.

We work with Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows PLS on their seasonal leisure guides. Working as part of their team, we’ve set them up with a template, and design specific features in the guide, while their team takes care of the scheduling and class information. This collaborative effort allows each team to contribute fully while being budget conscious.

When Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows PLS wanted a refresh to the look of the lobby at the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre, they approached us about the possibility of creating a desk wrap. Working with the newly created “look” that had recently been developed for them, we put together a colourful and appealing design. We played with one of the slogans used on a lot of their material “Everyone Welcome” and flipped the words to greet visitors to the centre.

We have been working with the City of Abbotsford since 2006, and have become an extension of, and resource to, the communications department. We began this process with stakeholder meetings, identifying key factors specific to the recreation and leisure sectors, and identifying key target markets, goals and objectives. We have since been responsible for the design and development of: annual reports, ABC Diversity, leisure guide and programs for Exhibition Park including the Safari Zone etc. We have worked on a wide variety of campaigns from water conservation to re-branding of the municipal airport.

The key to this successful relationship is the respect and trust we have for each other. Each participant brings to the table exactly what they do best and we consistently work as a team.

The grass character was grown from a seed at our studio. “Blade,” as we called him, kicked started various water conservation campaigns for the City of Abbotsford. In fact, he has proved so successful that he evolved into a series of illustrations.

Making a difference in the lives of peoples who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness in Surrey is close to our hearts. We work closely with this organization, developing yearly campaigns to facilitate raising awareness and funding.

On the website active analytics enhance the viewer’s understanding of the facts and figures.