Thornley Instagram App

This simple tool is used to generate the necessary authentication information for use with the thornley instagram app. The purpose of this app to provide client websites with the necessary level of account access in order to query and list statues and various other account information, as required.

All information is kept confidential and at no time is your password exposed to us or any other parties.

Instagram session data cleared. New session variable initialized.×

Instagram Authentication

In order for the thornley app to read your instagram account you must grant the appropriate level of access through the Instagram website. This authorization process ensures that your log-in information remains confidential.

Clicking the button below will take you directly to the app authorization page. Please note that if you are not already logged in to your instagram account then you will be first asked to do so.

Proceed to Instagram


  1. Click on the Proceed to Instagram button. You will be directed to the Instagram website. If this button does not appear and instead you see your instagram screen name then this process is already complete and no further action needs to be taken.
  2. Sign-in into your Instagram account. This step is skipped if you are already signed into instagram.
  3. Review the permission information and click Authorize app.
  4. That’s it!

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.