Research & Planning

Good solid research can influence designs and future plans to get the very best result possible.

Whether you’re considering rebranding, determining the direction for your future marketing activities, or needing to better understand you’re audience, we can work with you. We also find that, when it comes to engagement, and including your team and key stakeholders in the process can make a world of difference.

Each research report or marketing plan follows its own plan, based upon the specific questions needed to be answered. When we start working with you, we will define the path of the project with you. This will often begin with identifying our core objectives or goals, what existing data we have to draw from, and who should be consulted in the process. When setting goals, or creating plans we make sure they are actionable, attainable and purposeful.

We may run focus groups, research your peers, review your history, run surveys or any other number of strategies to make sure we understand you and your needs. We will be collaborative, share our insights along the way and ensure that you feel the value in our research. Its important to us, that we are a part of your team.

Discovery Sessions

Focus groups are often a part of our research. We call them discovery sessions because our main purpose is to see what we can discover, and not come to the discussion with a particular mindset. Our goal is to hold up a mirror to you, and see if we can reflect back the observations that we make. Whether its one session, or multiple ones with different stakeholders, these sessions often inform our report and can bring insight to our project.